things to remember

start before you think you're ready

The best time to start was a year back, and the second best is now. So, stop waiting for the perfect time when you'll be ready, it's now or never.

consistency doesn't mean everyday

How often do you decide to do something & leave it mid-way coz you missed couple days? Consistency means doing something over & over again until it becomes a habit and not doing it every single day.

never forget compounding

Rome wasn't built in a day, even you won't be. But constant efforts will someday add up to something significant for sure.

intellect > mind

The mind thinks and overthinks, the intellect questions. Be hungry for answers, be curious for every learning opportunity.

confidence builds by doing

It takes a lot of friction to learn something new, but to get good it, it takes doing the same thing, over and over again, until it becomes too easy.

focus on growth, not just tasks

We become so blinded in our daily jobs that we forget how far we've come and if it's the right direction we've been focusing our energy in.

give more of everything

It's as hard to give as to get, so what you have in abundance, give it more often to the one in need.

building something new is messy

Like this page, it took me half a year to get myself to make this, and it's still not complete, coz as neat as it looks here, it's super messy in my head.

actions > intentions

You might have the intentions to make this world a living heaven, but still the only thing that matter is the action you take upon it.

do what needs to be done

Sometimes what you need to do is far more important than what you feel like doing, it might be the hardest thing you'd have to do, but if it's something you need to do, do it.

what gets measured, gets changed

The only practical advice to change something is to first track it, get data on it. The answer to "how to I fix this?" will come in much more easier after.

you're better off alone

You're enough, for everything. From your happiness to sadness, you can deal with everything on your own.